If you can't add a card to Apple Wallet to use with Apple Pay (2024)

Learn what steps to take if you can't add a card to the Wallet app to use with Apple Pay.

  1. Check that you're able to use Apple Pay:
  2. Check for service outages or connection issues.
  3. Contact your bank or card issuer if you see the following error messages while adding your card to Apple Wallet:
    • Could Not Add Card
    • Invalid Card
    • Card Device Limit

Apple does not approve or decline cards for use with Apple Pay. If your card was declined, contact your bank or card issuer.

If you need help adding a card, learn how to set up Apple Pay.

If you can't add a card to Apple Wallet to use with Apple Pay (1)

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If you can't add a card to Apple Wallet to use with Apple Pay (2024)


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