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I love using Disney Gift Cards as my primary payment method throughout Walt Disney World Resort. Friends and family know I love experiences more than items, and so I often receive Disney Gift Cards as presents from them during celebrations. Like I always say, nothing is better than giving the gift of magic!

Alisha, if your Disney Gift Cards are Disney eGift Cards, you can add them to your smartphone’s digital wallet. I love pulling mine up to make payments; it makes the process feel seamless and convenient. If your Disney Gift Cards are not Disney eGift Cards, you wouldn’t be able to add them to your wallet; however, I could make a suggestion that worked for me.

Guests can create a profile on and combine their cards into a single card with a value of up to $1000. After doing this, I purchased a $25 Disney eGift Card, which allowed me to add the eGift card to my Apple Wallet. I also added that Disney eGift Card to my profile and transferred my balance to this card. That way, it would stay on my smartphone, and I could easily make payments through Apple Wallet.

To do this, access the email you received that contains your Disney eGift Card, scroll to the bottom of the email, and you should see an option to "Add to Apple Wallet." You will want to select this option to add this to your Apple Wallet. is not a form of payment itself and states that Guests do need to keep their gift card with them to use them to make purchases; however, that’s an easy concept when your gift card is an eGift Card on your Apple Wallet! Yippie!

I would also love to tell you about another way to make easy payments. If you’re staying at a Disney Resorts Collection hotel, you can link your MagicBand to a credit card; essentially, the credit card is linked to your Disney Resort hotel room. You can then use your MagicBand to make purchases and pay the balance off using your physical Disney Gift Cards at the end of your stay before your check-out day. To add your credit card, you can complete Online Check-In or visit the Front Desk when you arrive for your stay.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the magic, Alisha! Have an enchanting visit.


Can I upload physical Disney gift cards to my... | planDisney (2024)


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